What is Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency

Crypto has been under discussion for a long time, and everyone is investing and trusting cryptocurrency. But, if you are curious about that, let me tell you what is Crypto because you may love to know more about it. So, keep reading the article till the end!

Crypto meaning

The word crypto is actually a combined form that is  used as a  prefix which means  “hidden, or secret.” You may see or read this word in many medical, scientific, and other technical terms.

Talking about the background of this word, this word has derived from the Greek language and the word is  kryptós in Greek which means “hidden.”

What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is also called crypto-currency and also crypto, and it is any form of currency that digitally or virtually exists, and this currency uses cryptography for securing transactions.

However, cryptocurrencies don’t use any type of central issuing or any kind of regulating authority. However, they use a decentralized system instead of recording transactions and issuing new units.

So, to state in easy words, Cryptocurrency is a digital payment method and this system doesn’t depend on or need banks for verifying any transactions. So, this is an entirely peer-to-peer system that enables anyone from anywhere to send and receive payments.

This is a currency that doesn’t exist physically, and you can send and exchange this currency on the entire planet. As I said, cryptocurrency expenditures exist solely as digital thresholds to an online database interpreting the specific transactions.

When you substitute your cryptocurrency funds, the transactions get recorded in a public record. Also, cryptocurrency goes directly to digital wallets.

Cryptocurrency has this name because of its role in verifying transactions.

So,  Encryption provides security and protection to the users.

Cryptocurrency got established in 2009, and it remains the best known even today. The main interest of crypto is trading for profit, with speculators, at times, driving prices skyward.

Crypto values

To understand cryptocurrency better, note that its value mainly depends on supply and demand, so these two factors decide and determine the cryptocurrency, like other people’s demand for other stuff in the market.

I have an example to clear it for you. Let’s suppose the city is caught in drought and the public demands more grain. So, technically, the expense of grain will increase because it is in more markets now, and so does grain prosecution.

However, this will only happen if the demand remains the same for a while until the production had produced grain and provided in the market. And, if the interest changes this time for example, for rice, then the higher rates will pay not more! So, cryptocurrency is about the same case. The same supply and demand law applies to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency will gain value like grain when the demand will be more than the currency itself. I hope you are clear now.

Crypto or stocks?

Talking about crypto or stocks you may wonder which one is better? If you already have some knowledge of stocks and cryptocurrency, you may already know that crypto and stocks are both safe to deal in.

To be honest, the market for cryptocurrency is very unstable. And, also as crypto is extremely volatile and new so you can expect it to be volatile and that is okay.

Stocks are not new to the market but have been a really trustworthy and highly proven investment method and they are also highly volatile. But, you can say that both are reliable and trustworthy sources of income and investment with equal volatilization.

If you start finding records, you will see that many people have already invested their wealth in cryptocurrencies. A lot of people have spent their wealth in stocks and markets till now.

You should not invest money and expect to win the crypto market quickly. But, you should learn more about it by taking enough time as you will see a lot of coins for earning immediate gains, and this is not necessary that the risk will go against you; it can be in your favor as well.  

The most important thing about investing is that you have to make up your mind about victory or loss.

How crypto works

Cryptocurrency is like an online or digital platform where you exchange money that is digital, entirely encrypted, and decentralized, unlike other currencies.

So, other than the U.S. Dollars fills or the Euro currency, this currency has no central that holds the responsibility for generating it or managing the money. However, in this line, the users have to create this currency by themselves, called “mining” the cryptocurrency.

Now, you can do that by installing several apps about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Pi, and many others. You will find mining options there and can do so. So, that’s how crypto works.

This currency is like the other currencies. You can buy standard goods online or offline; however, you have to pay online because crypto has no physical form. Although, people’s main interest is to subsidize cryptocurrencies in assets like in the stock exchange market or in making some precious metals.

However, as there are always more than 50% chances of risks in a cryptosystem, you have to be careful and well aware of this whole system before you buy this currency or invest in it.

Now, as you understood we’ll, let’s see how many currencies can you find in this field?

How many cryptocurrencies are there?

Now, before I get to a conclusion, let me tell you how many cryptocurrencies are there? According to a recent March survey of 2022, there is a total number of 18,465 currencies available right now. However, if we deduct some dead currencies among them, we get 10 363 active cryptocurrencies. The most active ones among them are Bitcoin, Ripple, and Pi.

How do crypto taxes work?

Like any other currency system, crypto also works with taxes. However, these taxes depend on the gain; when you are done selling something, the tax applies to the amount you gained, precisely like the stock exchange tax system. So, if you ask are crypto is gaining taxes, then yes, that is!

Which crypto to buy?

Taking about what crypto to buy now, you can opt for any of the most trending and most bought cryptos like Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, BNB, Pi, USDC, Binance coin, Cardano, Solana, and Dogecoin.
And last but not least, let me tell you about the best crypto wallet because you have to save the currency.

Which crypto wallet is best

Here are the best crypto wallets for 2022 sessions.

  • Coin base wallet.
  • Mycelium.
  • Electrum.
  • Exodus. 
  • Crypto.com.
  • Ledger Nano X.

So, these are the best crypto wallet app to have.


So, now you know what is crypto and how it does work. Also, you have learned the process with the wallets, and the best cryptocurrencies that you can use now.

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