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What is Computer & How to Use

Talking about computers, they have taken over the world now, and we have no wonder how they have made us busy. This device has become so important in our lives that we cannot even think of surviving without any computer-operated system. But, to be curious enough, what is computer?

I know many geniuses have answered this question and you have seen this question in your middle school computer books as well. But, how about discussing it today as we already have talked a lot about computers and laptops? So, keep reading it because I’m going to take you back to your school days but reading this article will be more fun than that!

What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device or you can call it a machine that is designed to accept any type of raw data which is called “input” and then understand or process it with the help of a set of instructions that is called a computer program. Then this device elicits or generates the results and displays I on the screen which is called output. How is that? I hope it was simple enough to clarify for you.

 Now, the point is, does this device underwent out language? Well, no! A computer understands any language in mathematical as well as logical operations and the language that you type in, is converted into the computer language by the computer programs.

 This computer language is converted as (010101) and so, you then get the output when the computer converts it back into the language you have used and so, you get the output that you can use for future use. Now, you have learned the basic concept of what is a computer? A computer is able to process any type of numerical or non-numerical analysis. Also, if we see a little bit at the history of the term “computer”, then you will learn that this word comes from the Latin language word “computare” and this word means to calculate.

What is computer definition?

A computer definition is what we have already discussed above a computer is a machine or a device that stores data that you enter and then process. Also, it gives you display results once it has processed the data. So, you got the entire definition of what is computer?

How to use computer?

After learning clearly about what a computer is, let me tell you the basics about how to use computer?

Turning on your computer system

The initial step is to turn on the computer system. And, for doing so, you can locate the power button and so, press it. You can see it in different places on different computers, but every computer has a power button.

Once you have turned on your computer, your system will take some time before it gets ready for use. You may also witness some different display flashes on the display screen. This booting up process will take some seconds, from 15 seconds to even several minutes.

After that, your system will require you to log in. So, you have to login in order to make sure a secure user login and protect your information, so you have to create your account by signing up with Gmail and creating an account.

Using a mouse and a keyboard

The keyboard and mouse let you interact with the computer display screen to use the keyboard or a mouse and a trackpad.  Mostly, people feel comfortable placing the keyboard on their desks and directly using it without a mouse pad.

However, having a mouse pad is an excellent choice to scroll the mouse quickly. While learning what is computer, this was important to learn as well. Now, to scroll the page on the screen, you have to learn that the keyboard has an up and down arrow key and some up keys and down keys.

And you can press them to move the page up or down. Now, you can also use a mouse scroll or roller to move the page. Now, this was the main discussion about it and if you want to get into each detail of how to use a computeryou can see many tutorials as well.

Now, we have also discussed some uses of computers. Let me tell you some basic advantages you get from a computer:

Computers increase your productivity level

Computers are the best devices to increase the productivity level of a person. For example, you can put your hands on a computer and can learn to edit and take it to a professional level. Or, you can also learn about different software for professional use, learn white hack hacking, and a lot more.

Computers connect you to the internet

As I said, computers keep you connected to the internet as well so you can learn from there and can gain skills or connect with other people through different social media platforms.

Your computer storage

Your computer lets you store a huge amount of data and whatever information you want. So it is a safe place for you as you can keep the system locked with password protection.

You can organize data

Now, your system tells you how to keep your online stuff organized by creating different folders and by setting them separately. So, if you are a student, then using a computer can benefit you a lot by teaching your organization and basic ethics.

Computers keep you entertained

Now, if you feel bored, you can get entertained by using the computer and by listening to different songs, watching movies, playing games, and much more like that.


Now, you have learned, and now you already know what is a computer and how it works? So, you can now, of course, use a computer and can use it for either entertainment or educational purposes. Also, you can get creative by creating a YouTube channel on your computer to earn and spend your leisure time in a positive environment by sitting at home! How is that? Get a computer now!

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