What is computer operating system

What is computer operating system?

Explain advantages, History and types of OS

We all know that a computer runs with an operating system, and this system handles the data and converts it into the language of (010101) to understand. Also, it processes the data and then gives the outputs. However, do you know what is computer operating system? And what are the different types of operating systems for computers?

What is computer operating system?

An OS is actually a software system working as a relation between the system hardware and the stoner. Computers depend on these operating systems to run different programs and apps like browsers, MS office, etc. So, now you know what a computer operating system is?

So, you see that a computer operating system is a medium to work for a user and provides a space for the apps, extensions, and browsers to work. Now,

All computer systems have at least one OS operating system that runs the programs. And so, you can then run the Applications or Browsers like MS Office, Game, Notepad, etc.

Now, of course we have no knowledge that how we can communicate with our computer in its language, so this OS helps us communicate without learning how you can speak in computer’s language. Any user will not be able to use any computer or computer operated device or even mobile device without an operating system.

Now, here are some types of operating system because you already know what is computer operating system.

Some types of operating system

Here are some popular types of OS (Operating System):

  1. Batch OS
  2. Multitasking OS
  3. Multiprocessing operating system.
  4. Real Time operating system.
  5. Distributed operating system.
  6. Network operating system.
  7. Mobile operating system.

Now, I will share some short details regarding what is computer operating system types?

Batch operating system

Taking about this OS, a user that uses this OS in a computer never interacts directly with his computer. Instead, in this OS, all the users have to prepare their job on any of the offline devices they like including a punch card, and they submit it to the system operator.

Multi-tasking OS

This OS is also called a Time-sharing operating system that enables you to locate different terminals for using a single system simultaneously. The processor time (CPU) shared among multiple users is time-sharing.

Real-time OS

This software has a very little time interval for processing and responding to the inputs the users give to the system. You can take examples like: Military Software and Space Software for this OS.

Distributed OS

This software uses a lot of processors that are located in different devices for providing a very fast computation to the users.

Network OS

This OS uses a server to run. Also, it lets the user to   manage or serve data, groups, user, security, application, and all the additional networking functions.

Mobile OS

This software is already known to many users and you may also know about it. As the name of the software states, these OS run on the mobiles and smartphones, and especially they are designed for powering smartphones, all tablets, and other wearables devices.

Some of the most famous and usable Android and iOS operating systems include BlackBerry, Watch OS, and Web.

What is the best computer operating system?

If we talk about the best operating system, Windows OS has taken over the computer world. Apart from the Mac laptops, you will always see all the computers in the market with this Windows Operating system.

Even though Microsoft Windows has several versions, they all are excellent.

Till now, Microsoft Windows has been the most extensively used OS in the world, the accounting for the total number of 69.61% share on desktops and consoles operating system market in the year 2021 in December.

However, if you still don’t understand, here is a descriptive detail of what is computer operating system?

Computer operating system?

Talking about the operating systems, they serve as a platform that creates a connection between the computer software and hardware. Also, they provide their users with an illustrated interface through which they can issue latest commands and perform a task on these electronic devices.

Although we can see that Microsoft Windows is the leader for desktop OS, this company has made an unsuccessful attempt to make the OS for the mobile device and a successful transition into the smartphone market.

Now, as we know about the operating system a lot, let’s get into the history a little bit.

What is the starting history of OS?

If we discuss about the history of the OS, it got developed in the 1950s in order to manage tape storage. The OS started using disks in the middle of 1960. The first ever version of the Unix got developed in the 1960s.

Now, here are some OS functions:

  1. File management.
  2. Memory management.
  3. Process management.
  4. Device management.
  5. Secondary storage management.
  6. I/O system management.
  7. Command interpretation.
  8. Security.
  9. Job accounting.
  10. Networking.
  11. Communication management.

Now, where I have already told you a lot about the operating system, and you already know about the types and the history as well. So, it is time to tell you about the advantages that you can get from the OS.

Some advantages of the operating system

Here are some best advantages of the operating system.

  1. Operating systems are easy for using with the GUI.
  2. Operating systems offer environments in which users can execute their programs or applications.
  3. Now, the OS make it sure that your computer system is always convenient for use.
  4. OS also act as the intermediary among other applications and with the hardware components.
  5. This OS furnishes your computer system reserves with susceptible format.


So, after this detailed discussion and after also discussing the advantages, types and history if the operating system, you also know what is computer operating system. So, if you want to buy a laptop or a computer, you can install Windows operating system and lately, Windows 7 had taken over the grounds. So, you can install this software program and run the system flawlessly.

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