How to recover hard drive & data

How to recover hard drive & data

Once in a while, we all have experienced crashed or damaged hard drives. And this is like a nightmare if you have all of your data lost. But, let me tell you, you have a safe backup because you can recover that lost data. All you have to do is to recover hard drive. And this is what I’m going into the details of.

You will find different procedures for recovering a damaged hard drive. And, you don’t have to wander to another site to learn other techniques. However, I will cover all the methods from using Linux to recovering the hard drive externally. So, keep reading till the end!

Recover hard drive Linux

The method I’m going to share shows how you can stepwise recover hard drive Linux by saving your data via Linux. So, by the end of this stepwise procedure, you will be able to recover your data from a SanDisk USB pen drive of 32 GB. However, please note that this process is the same as a regular hard disk. Here is one of the best tools from Linux software that is PhotoRec. PhotoRect is together with Foremost tool from Linux software that is the most popular tool for file carving or data recovery. Foremost is used for a more brilliant recovery and is fast, while PhotoRec gives better results for file carving.

  • Install PhotoRec on your system.
  • Once you have installed it, run it by calling the program.
  • Now, after running the program, you will see the first screen, and you have to select the source disk or the image from where PhotoRec has to recover the data. In this case, so you have to the device /dev/sdb as I shared in the picture below:

Recover hard drive Linux

  • Now, you will select the partition from where you have lost the data and want to recover hard drive data.
  • Also, please note partitions will not be found or listed before you proceed with a search with the keyboard arrows for moving to the File opt to explore the available options as shown in the image below.

Recover hard drive Linux 2

  • Now, within File opt you will have to increase the result accurateness that you want by prescribing the files you are looking for. Select your desired files and then press b to continue, or you can Quit going back.

Recover hard drive Linux 3

  • Once you come back, select Search, press Enter to continue, and begin the data recovery process

Recover hard drive Linux 4

  • Now, you will see a question about what type of file system your device has or has used; this may be FAT or NTFS, so select the proper file system, even if the files are broken, and press ENTER.

Recover hard drive Linux 5

  • Now, PhotoRec you will get a question from PhotoRec that where you want to save the files. You can either leave it on the Desktop or you can also make a separate dedicated folder, now press C to continue.

Recover hard drive Linux 6

  • The data transferring process will start now and will take some minutes or even hours. This depends on the file size.

Recover hard drive Linux 7

  • By the end, PhotoRec will notify you about the creation of a directory that has the recovered files, during this case, recup_dir* already selected the Desktop as the destination.

Recover hard drive Linux 8

  • Now, you are ready to list all your files from the console.

Recover hard drive Linux 9

  • Or, you can also browse the files by using whatever is your preferred graphical file manager.

Recover hard drive Linux 10

Recover hard disk Mac

So, I already recovered data on windows systems and told you how to recover hard drive. This one is for mac users because revolving around lost data on mac, devices can be tricky. Here is how to recover hard disk mac step by step.

  • Now, you have to download a copy of your Disk Drill hard drive recovery software for your Mac device. Now, deploy them to the Applications menu. You have to install the driver first; now you will enter your administrator password. Here you are, ready to go.
  • Now, you will start by creating a “Backup or Backup into DMG-image”. Once you have completed the backup disk image. This will save you from final damage before you recover hard drive during Deep Scanning.

Recover hard disk Mac

  • If somehow, you fail to connect the hard drive with your data in the list, you have to create a bootable data recovery drive and also run Disk Drill off it. You will get guidance from “Create boot drive” throughout the process. It will take a few minutes only for maximizing your data recovery chances. If you can not create a bootable Mac Drive for recovery, you can go with a regular way.
  • Now, you have to connect the external HDD or SSD to the system now when you recover the external device. Whatever drive you will select, will be illustrated in the Disk Drill’s list of volumes that are available for recovery. By clicking on the drive, you can perceive specific partitions when you recover hard disk. Note that recovering an SSD will require additional steps while performing the recovery process.
  • Now, Disk Drill will give you some methods for your hard drive recovery on your Mac OS X. The methods you get will depend on your disk drive available. And, you can then scan the files to target the exact data that you want to recover. This will be a long process so you can go to a short run by FAT, NTFS, HFS, etc.

Recover hard disk Mac 2

  • Now, you can just click on the Recover button on your mac device that is next to the volume button. Also, if you have a specific scanning method, you can click on the Recover button and scan the system to recover data in that particular way.
  • Once you start recovering, it can take 1 minute or more than 1 minute to several hours for scanning and recovery. So, wait patiently until you get the scanned files.
  • Once the process is complete; the scanned files will occur in the front. Also, these files may be corrupted, stating that some other app may have overwritten the bits on them.  However, if they are corrupted, you can not recover them. That is not possible on mac. So, click on an eye button next to each file and see if they are safe or not. You can shift them to an external drive to recover hard drive data.

Recover hard drive Ubuntu

Now, you learned how to recover hard drive on Linux and Mac. Here is another solution to recovering hard drive Ubuntu.

  • Go and search the Ubuntu command line from the system or go to shortcut CTRL+ALT+T. You will install it in Sudo to run the TestDisk utility. You will need to enter the password for Sudo and check the version.
  • Use the command $testdisk to run the test disk utility. From the output, you will also get a description of the file and you will also create a test.log.file. And, this file will also contain the information of the most data and where it was listed before.
  • You will now see some options of the devices where you can recover the recovered data. Sometimes, it can be the only head drive of your system is only connected to one drive.
  • Now, you can proceed by choosing one device. And, make sure to ha e enough space in the device to recover all the data. Also, if you can’t see other devices on the system, that’s due to privacy concerns. So, just Sudo’s password and proceed.
  • It’s time to process by selecting a partition table, the utility will highlight the correct choice and so, press enter. You will see this screen now.

Recover hard drive Ubuntu

  • You can now recover the lost files by clicking on the Advanced option. Now, you can also get away from the point by pressing Q.
  • So, you will now see the drive options and you can choose wisely where you want to recover hard drive.
  • Now, When the test disk utility display all the directories of your OS, you will browse to the directory on the spot where you have lost the file.
  • The deleted files will be in front of you now in the colored form.
  • Press C and copy the file there that you lost. This is being used; you will now shift it to another place.
  • Now, you can see the folder where you want to paste the file safely. Once you have selected the folder, click paste and paste your file there. If it turns green, that means your file is safe now. So, you can now remove the test.log.file as it is of no use now. Also, you will see the file is locked; you can open it with your authorization only. So, that’s how to recover hard drive when you accidentally lose it.

Geek squad recover hard drive

Geek squad also has gained a little fame in recovering lost data. The reason why I said little fame is because Geek has failed to retrieve data professionally and in no time. Also, Geek squad recover hard drive is extremely time-taking and slow. Moreover, they dot have enough details to guide you through the process. So, I have other methods to discuss instead.

Recover hard drive from laptop

Why create a fuss when you can easily recover hard drive from laptop without using Geek? I will get into a brief discussion here because you will be fed up otherwise.

Here is how to recover hard drive:

  • Use an old hard drive as your external hard drive.
  • Connect the hard drive with another laptop or computer for the recovery process.
  • Now, launch your recovery data software on your exact laptop.
  • Select the partition where you want to retrieve the data and click the start button.
  • After the process, you will see the files in front of you. Check the files if they are crashed or not. You can only recover stable files.
  • Of the files are safe hit the recover button and you can recover them in a new and safe drive. That’s the procedure that will work for all the laptops basically.

Recover hard drive external from the disk

Recovering a hard drive external is easy because you can now find different tools out there. Here is the simplest method to do so:

  • You have to download and install Disk Drill as it is the best tool for this task.
  • You will now connect the external drive and launch this tool.
  • Click on the search button to search for the lost files. This will scan the drive to recover the files.
  • Now, you will see the files in front of the screen. Click on them to make sure that they are valid.
  • Select the location you want for your device.
  • Now, press the recover option on the screen and the files will be recovered.

Hard drive recover data

We have already discussed slot about being different tools for hard drive recovery data mission on the article. So, I’m going to give a quick glance now to recover files from hard drive after reinstalling windows. Here is how you will do it on Mac or windows system:

How to recover hard drive?

You can download Disk Drill or any tool that you want to recover hard drive data from the system. Now, as I said earlier, you will launch that program in the system. Choose the crashed drive from the system and click the scan button as I said in the earlier method.

Also, you will see the deleted files now so click on the required files. Now, you will place them in the selected partition where they will be safe. So, that’s it! Whatever the reason is for your deleted files, you can recover hard drive files from this method.


So, the above given all the discussion will help you to recover the hard drive if you have accidentally crashed it or if it is dead. Also, you can use any tools from Linux, Ubuntu, or any other software and can record the accidentally deleted files successfully. So, save the files that you lost already.

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