6 best websites to sell stuff online in 2022.

6 Best Websites to sell stuff online in 2022.

Selling stuff online is a great way to make some extra cash. But with so many sites and apps to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve created this list of the 6 best websites to sell stuff online in 2022. So whether you’re looking to sell clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for more information!

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1 – Shopify – Ideal for influencers and small business owners

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that enables you to create your sell stuff online store. It is perfect for small businesses and influencers who want to start and grow their business. Shopify has everything you need to get started with your online store. You can create a beautiful and professional website, start selling products, and grow your business.

Shopify eCommerce

Key Features
Shopify is a platform with key features that allow businesses to succeed online. These features include:

  • Custom domain – You may use a domain name you already own or buy one through Shopify.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth – This feature allows businesses to have high traffic without crashing their site.
  • Point of Sale – Shopify’s point of sale system allows businesses to sell in person, online, and on social media platforms.
  • Marketing Tools – Shopify provides businesses with powerful marketing tools to help them reach their target audiences.
  • Payment Gateway – Shopify’s payment gateway is secure and easy to use, allowing businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide. Both online and mobile – your clients may pay via PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, even cryptocurrency, and much more.

Pricing and plans

Basic Shopify $29 per month
Create an online store and blog, utilize the POS system, add any number of items, and accept payments from anywhere.

Advanced Shopify $299 per month
Use third-party calculated shipping rates to minimize costs, add up to 15 employees and eight inventory locations, get sophisticated reports, and simplify payments.

2 – eBay – The best location for expensive goods

It’s advisable to begin searching for a product on eBay since it is the original e-commerce platform. It is one of the older corporations in operation, having been founded in 1995. eBay is a reliable website that has a good customer service reputation. There are over 182 million active buyers on the platform, which creates a competitive market for sellers.

eBay eCommerce

Key features 
eBay offers a wide range of features to its users, which makes it one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world. Here are some of the key features that make eBay so popular:

  • Payment gateway – eBay offers a secure payment gateway that allows buyers and sellers to transact safely. You can charge your customers using their PayPal, credit or debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or even payment upon pickup.


  • Escrow service – eBay’s escrow service protects buyers by ensuring that they only release payment to the seller once they have received the item.


  • Local pickup and shipping – Many sellers offer local pickup as an option, which can be convenient for buyers. eBay also offers shipping options for sellers who want to ship their items.


  • Global shipping program – eBay’s global shipping program makes it easy for sellers to ship their items to buyers around the world.


  • Free listings – eBay offers free listings to its users, which is a great way to save money on selling items. You may post up to 250 items/month for free, and you must pay a fee only if you succeed in selling something.

These are just some of the key features that make eBay such a popular online marketplace. With so many features, it’s no wonder that eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world.

Pricing and plans

  • Insertion fee – Depending on the asking price, you may or may not be able to do it., You will be charged every time you add an item to a new category.
  • Final value fee – 12.55% of the asking price, plus a $0.30 fee for each sale.
  • Listing upgrades – optional, when you want to highlight your listing, you can be charged, add more photos, use larger images, and add more. 

You’ll be charged five pricing plans every year if you want to start an eBay store.

Starter Store
Perfect for sellers who have a few items and want to brand and advertise their business.
• $4.95 per month with an annual subscription.
• 250/mo. Fixed-price listings or free auction postings
• Additional 30¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.

Basic Store
Are you brand new to eBay? Don’t miss out on additional free listings, final value fee reductions, and a quarterly coupon for eBay-branded shipping supplies.
• $21.95 per month with an annual subscription.
• 1,000/mo. Free Fixed-price listings
• Additional 25¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.
• 250/mo. Select categories will be available for free auction listings.
• Additional 25¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.

Premium Store
If you have a wide product range, a Premium Store membership provides you significantly more zero-insertion-fee options.
• $59.95 per month with an annual subscription.
• 10,000/mo. Free Fixed-price listings
• Additional 10¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.
• 500/mo. Select categories will be available for free auction listings.
• Additional 15¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.

Anchor Store
For large volume sellers with a broad product line or who operate a company that could profit from dedicated customer service.
• $299.95 per month with an annual subscription.
• 25,000/mo. Free Fixed-price listings
• Additional 5¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.
• 1,000/mo. Select categories will be available for free auction listings.
• Additional 10¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.

Enterprise Store
For businesses that have a large product line or need dedicated customer service, the Plus version is a smart investment.
• $2,999.95 per month with an annual subscription.
• 100,000/mo. Free Fixed-price listings
• Additional 5¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.
• 2,500/mo. Select categories will be available for free auction listings.
• Additional 10¢ insertion fee for each additional listing.

3 – Amazon – Ideal for international eCommerce

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. It’s a great platform for businesses to sell their products and services. However, the greatest way to earn money on Amazon is to start an e-commerce business and sell your stuff or services there.

This way, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience and sell more products. You can also take advantage of Amazon’s powerful marketing tools to promote your business. So if you’re looking to make money on Amazon, starting an e-commerce business is the way to go.

Amazon eCommerce

Key features 
Amazon offers many features to help you run your business. From fulfillment to inventory management, Amazon Marketing Services, business reports, back-end support, and much more, Amazon have the tools and services to help your business succeed.

  • Fulfillment – you can focus on selling while Amazon take care of the rest. Will pick, pack, and ship your products to your customers, and provide customer service and returns processing.
  • Inventory Management – Keep your inventory well-stocked with inventory management tools. With Amazon help, you can avoid stock outs and plan for seasonal spikes in demand.
  • Amazon Marketing Services – Grow your business with Amazon Marketing Services. Amazon can help you reach more customers and drive sales with ads on Amazon and across the web.
  • Business Reports – Stay on top of your business with robust reporting tools. Reports give your insight into your sales, inventory, customer behavior, and much more.
  • Back-end support – Amazon offer a wide range of back-end support services to help you run your business smoothly. From accounting and finance to technology and operations, help you with the day-to-day tasks of running your business.

Pricing and plans

There are two seller tiers on Amazon: Seller and Vendor. The main difference between the two is that the Vendor ships products to Amazon’s warehouses, while the Seller ships products directly to customers.

If you’re just getting started on Amazon, the Seller tier is a great way to get your feet wet. With this plan, you’ll pay $39.99 per month, plus a per-item fee for each item you sell.

If you’re an established business with a large inventory, the Vendor tier is a good option. With this plan, you’ll pay a monthly fee of $149.99, plus a per-item fee for each item you sell.

4 – Flippa – Ideal for online sales

Flippa is a great option for those looking to buy or sell an online business, app, domain, or web store. The process is simple and straightforward, and there are typically plenty of buyers and sellers to choose from. Whether you’re looking to get rid of an underperforming business or you’re hoping to find a hidden gem, Flippa is definitely worth checking out.

Flippa eCommerce

You can sell a variety of online properties on Flippa, including:

1 – Websites
■ e-commerce
■ Dropship Website
■ Blog
■ Forum etc.
3 – All Types Domains

2 – Apps
■ IOS App
Android App
4 – SaaS Products
5 – Services

Key Features

  • Valuation Tool –The Flippa Valuation Tool is a great way to quickly and easily see how much your website is worth. Simply enter in your website’s URL and some basic information, and you’ll get a valuation report based on real data and market trends.
  • Access to Global Buyers – Flippa is the largest marketplace for buying and selling websites, and our global reach means that you have access to buyers from all over the world. No matter where you are located, you can list your website on Flippa and reach a huge audience of potential buyers.
  • For Sale Sign – The for Sale sign is a great way to let visitors to your website know that it is for sale. When someone sees the for Sale sign, they can click on it to learn more about your website and how to contact you if they’re interested in buying.
  • Listing Upgrades – Listing upgrades are a great way to make your listing stand out from the crowd and get more exposure for your website. By upgrading your listing, you can get featured placement on the Flippa homepage and category pages, as well as in our weekly newsletter which goes out to over 100,000 subscribers.
  • SEMrush Reports – If you’re looking to really optimize your website’s sale price, then you’ll want to take advantage of our SEMrush reports. These reports provide you with in-depth analysis of your website’s traffic and keywords, so you can make the necessary changes to maximize your sale price.

Pricing and plans

  • You’ll also have to pay success fees if you make a sale, which is based on the percentage of your asking price.
  • Sold for up to $50,000 – 10% success fee
  • Sold for up to $100,000 – 7.5% success fee
  • Sold for over $100,000 – 5% success fee 
  • Sold through Flippa’s partner broker – 15% success fee.

5 – Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a game-changer for online sellers worldwide. It offers a convenient and easy way to sell products and services online.

With Facebook Marketplace, you can list your products and services for sale, set a price, and add descriptions and photos. You can also search for buyers by location or keyword.

When someone shows interest in your product or service, you will receive a notification. You can then contact the buyer to finalize the sale.

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to reach out to potential buyers and sell your products or services. So what are you waiting for? Start selling today.

Facebook Marketplace

You’ll be able to access additional services when you join Facebook Marketplace.

Key Features
Like Boosted listings, Shopify integration, Real-time communication, Facebook Offers, and WooCommerce integration make it easy to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

  • Boosted listings –you can promote your products and services to a wider audience on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Shopify integration – makes it easy to manage your inventory and orders from one platform.
  • Real-time communication – lets you connect with buyers and sellers in real time.
  • Woo Commerce integration – makes it easy to manage your online store from one platform.
  • Facebook Offers – You can create discounts on your Facebook page directly

Pricing and plans

Everyone can use the Facebook Marketplace without cost. You can make a listing without spending a penny. Facebook will only charge you if you sell something.
Here’s an example of how Facebook calculates your selling costs. Let’s assume that you’re fulfilling an order with two shipments of various items:

  • Facebook charge you $0.50 for the selling fee if the first shipment is worth $10.00 USD.
  • If the second shipment is $6.00, Facebook charges a flat fee of $0.40.

6 – Etsy

Etsy is the best platform to sell unique, artsy or vintage items. With Etsy, you can start and grow your own business selling items that you love. You’ll be able to reach a wide audience of potential customers, and you can set your own prices and terms of sale. Plus, Etsy provides a great community of other sellers to connect with and learn from. So if you’re looking to start selling your own handmade or vintage items, be sure to check out Etsy!

Etsy is a simple platform to get started. Creating an Etsy shop is a quick and straightforward process that you’d be able to complete in a few minutes. even if You don’t need any prior experience with e-commerce platforms to get started.

Etsy eCommerce

Key Features

  • Customizable –You can customize your shop’s appearance to match your brand and products.
  • Custom domains – You can use a custom domain name for your Etsy shop, which makes it easier for customers to find and remember your shop.
  • Promotional tools – Etsy provides a number of promotional tools to help you market your products, including listing upgrades, ads, and coupons.
  • Reports and analytics – Etsy’s reporting and analytics tools help you track your shop’s performance and understand your customers.

Pricing and plans

Sellers can choose between two Etsy pricing plans: Standard and Plus.

Etsy Standard All of the basic tools that were accessible to vendors prior to the introduction of Etsy Plus are included. The availability and price of certain premium services, such as Etsy Ads, Pattern, and Etsy Shipping Labels, have not changed.

This service is available to all sellers at no additional cost. This is the default for all vendors.

Etsy Plus You’ll have access to more sophisticated tools if you join Etsy Plus, which will allow you to take your company to the next level.  Etsy Plus members get access to even more features and privileges.

  • A Monthly budget for listings and Etsy advertisements.
  • A custom web address is available at a discount price. for your Etsy shop.
  • Customize your shop to your liking!
  • Printable coupons and promotional material such as boxes, business cards, and signage are available to you when you sign up for Etsy Plus.

Find out what additional benefits Etsy Plus provides.

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